1. SHORT BUT OP CHARACTER : They sometimes look like an extra side character with low to none value to the plot. But are the most badass characters once they show their true colours. These guys are a One Man Army.

2. TOURNAMENT/EXAM ARC : The fights, potential matchups and the type of powers they will use always gets us HYPED. It lowkey makes the anime more fun to watch. We all remember the Chunin Exam Arc.

3. MC BUT NOT THE REAL MC : These side characters are so much overpowered that they sometimes end up having more clout than the Main Protagonist. But they sure are hella interesting to watch.

4. THE SIMPS : There is nothing much to explain about them, we all are already aware of some of the Mega-Simps. They sometimes make the anime fun to watch but ends up making them cringy most of the time.

5. CHARACTERS WHO NEVER SHOWED THE TRUE EXTENT OF THEIR POWERS : They aren’t much hyped at start, but once they show some of their powers, they’re immediately fan favourites. Most of these characters have an unknown disease/reason that prevents them from showing their full potential.

6. THE “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT” ANTAGONIST : These characters are sometimes more HYPED and SIMPED than the Protagonists, as they emit Pure Badass Energy around them. They usually don’t have a sad backstory, they’re just A Complete Menace to The Society.

If you guys swiped till the end, then be sure to follow me for more such type of content. Hope you liked the list.


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