This review will contain MAJOR SPOILERS from the episode.

The 39th episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime just dropped having the title “Ramiri’s Warning“.

The episode starts with the introduction of Ramiris to rest of the members of the meeting. Obviously, no one believes her to be a Demon Lord because of her size. She then meets Veldora and faints. This introduction was pretty comedic. Voice actors did a pretty GOOD job.

Rimuru and the rest of the members try to make the Falmuth annihilation sound like a collective effort rather revealing the actual truth (about Rimuru one-shotting them). Youm is declared the new King of Falmuth. King Gazel tests him by revealing his aura and asking him if he’s ready to stand for his people’s welfare. Youm replies by saying that someone gave him this role with trust and he’s gonna give his best. This convinces King Gazel.

Fuze suggests Rimuru that they are ready to back up Youm as they are friends with two nobles of Falmuth. Those two guys can’t deny this suggestion as they’re somehow related to Blumund for their own reasons. Elalude suspects Fuze and asks if he truly trusts Rimuru and is not doing this for his own profit and greediness. Fuze replies by saying that Blumund is a small state unlike Dwarwen. If they make a small mistake, they’re done for. He concludes by saying its better to trust a “slime monster” rather than seeking for Western Holy Church‘s aid. This convinces Elalude.

Rimuru reveals his massive aura as Elalude asks him about his plans after becoming a Demon Lord. To which he replies that he wants to make a world that’s comfortable to live in, as he likes. Elalude is convinced as he enters into a mutual relationship with Jura Tempest Federation.

The scene changes to Clayman and Laplace’s conversation as they still believes that Mjurran was killed by Rimuru (though he just replaced her heart). Laplace asks Clayman if the whole plan was actually his idea to which he convinces him by saying only he and King Kazaream can make orders. Laplace still suspects him though and warns him of Milim Nava.


The episode was pretty good in my opinion. It was a solid 8/10. This anime is consistent with their animations, that’s a strong point of theirs. Conversation between the leaders were nicely executed.


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