This post contains MAJOR THICCNESS and I’ll not try to make it as short and thicc-free as possible.

*cracks knuckles* Aight, let’s get this done boys. This order is pretty loose as they’re not the exact ranking I’d give. Most of the weebs(male) in this world has a dream of having an anime girl as their girlfriend, but sadly they can’t because they don’t exist in real life. Enjoy the spicy ride as we talk about some of the most beautiful and exquisite girls in the anime culture.


Mai is an attractive girl. She’s mostly admired for her bunny costume. Moreover, she is a slender girl who has waist-length black hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and has light purple eyes. Mai is an intelligent and serious type of girl, and also has a little bit of tsundere side to her. She also gets irritated or annoyed when she gets lewd comments from Sakuta (her boyfriend), but despite that, she tends to get shy and sometimes shows the clumsy side. You can call her the Bunny Girl Waifu. She’s definitely one of my Top 3’s.


One of the most popular waifus in 2018. Zero two and the love for her “darling“ is just something else. She is a girl with a slender and fit physique. Having waist-length long pink hair and wears a white headband that has 2 horns over it and has turquoise eyes. Most people see her as a cold and selfish person but that’s not true she is a really confident, outspoken, and honest person to the heart. Though I kinda don’t like her. She’s pretty overrated in my opinion. But she’s popular so obviously she’s gonna be in the list.


Miku is the third sister of the Quintuplets. When this series came out she became one of the most popular and loved girls out of the 5. Miku has medium-length brownish-red hair that has strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face. She’s has wireless headphones on her neck and has dark blue eyes. Most of the time she looks emotionless, always silent and shows very little confidence, and doesn’t have much faith in herself but despite all that, she still talks in a proper manner and doesn’t hesitate while talking. On top of all that she’s cute. She’s definitely one of my Top 10’s.


Shinobu is a strong and always cheerful girl with purple eyes. She has shoulder-length purple hair and an aura of beautiful butterflies around her stating her beauty. Moreover, she enjoys teasing others and can be really sadistic about it. She always keeps a smile on her face despite the situation she’s in, making her a really confident and outgoing person. I don’t like her very much as of now, but yeah she sure is popular. She’s crazy in manga though.


Hinata Hyuga has always been a waifu material. Especially when you take into consideration her entire journey. From the beginning she’s been loyal, genuine, sincere, and has never tried to manipulate or be petty with anyone. She feels like a main character. With a gentle persona and tons of empathy and understanding for others, it’s hard to dislike a woman like Hinata. She’s definitely one of my Top 10’s. She’s the literal definition of loyalty.









This was my take on Most Famous Anime Waifus of All Time. I know I’ve missed a lot of them, but the list will go on and on if I keep including more. And yeah if you guys are wondering who my no. 1 Waifu is, It’s Speed Wagon.


4 thoughts on “MY TAKE ON MOST FAMOUS ANIME WAIFUS – Thiccness Alert”

  1. Bunny Girl Senpai is on my list to watch, if only because I’m curious what the bunny girl suit is about. Also, yeah Rin. I’ve always had a thing for that type.

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    1. I once also started Bunny Senpai cz of the suit, but trust me this anime covers most of the controversial topics in just 13 episodes. Also the chemistry between the characters is kinda interesting.

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