LIFE LESSONS WITH URAMICHI ONIISAN – An Underrated Gem in the making

This review is 100% SPOILER FREE.

QUICK SUMMARY : The manga centers around a 31 year old man named Uramichi Omota. He is the host of a popular exercise kids show called “Together with Maman” where he appears as a happy, upbeat and fun exercise instructor. However, he is actually pessimistic and emotionally unstable.

GENRE : Comedy, Josei, Slice of Life


STORY : This anime highlights the contrast between this happy go lucky TV persona and the actual Uramichi. The story isn’t much of a legendary, but it perfectly executes the reality of life with a pinch of comedy. I’m pretty sure Uramichi’s character has something deep and a fishy side related to it. But as of now, it’s really LIFE LESSONS with URAMICHI.

CHARACTERS : All of the characters work well off of each other leading to amazing interactions and gags. Despite how cynical and “done with everything” the cast are, there’s a strange amount of truth in what they say and do that makes it even more relatable. It just works so well with how all the elements turn out as the cast does care about one another at the end of the day.

VOICE ACTING : They literally have all our favourite actors in one show. For example– Levi, Gojo, Jiraiya, Escanor, Hinata, Erwin, Kakashi, Urahara and many more. The way they show their emotions through voice acting is truly admirable.


If you like dark comedy and sarcasm, this is probably perfect for you. The more you learn about characters, the more you’re supposed to feel bad. But the author has a way of delivering even the most depressing of events in a funny way. Also, the art? Like there’s so much detail, it’s honestly amazing. Overall, it’s a chill anime that will brighten your day as much as Uramichi’s day becomes clouded.


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