This review might contain SLIGHT SPOILERS.

I was randomly surfing through some manga websites when I found this absolute package of wholesomeness. It’s a manga by Nozomi Ichinaga and trust me on this, it’s one of the cutest short panelled manga I’ve ever read.

QUICK SUMMARY : This is a comic about a high-school student’s convenience store and a girl in her early 20s. There is age difference and a height difference.

GENRE : Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

LENGTH : 16 Chapters (updating)


THE PLOT : It’s not a legendary one, but it’s definitely not a dull one either. It’s a story about the interaction between a high-schooler working at a convenience store and a girl in her early 20s. While reading this manga, suddenly a colony of ants started crawling on my screen because this manga is too fuxxing sweet.

CHARACTERS : There is our 190 cm tall MC named Shibasaki who’s a real gentleman, and our 145 cm tall FMC who’s name we don’t know of. She’s too cute though. She has a cat named Takuan, who’s very cute and funny at the same time. The cat’s face looks familiar to our MC’s and that’s why the girl admires him. There’s a store manager who’s old aged but has a great personality. He’s caring and is a man of culture. Characters are too refreshing and perfectly suits to their situations.

ARTSTYLE : Artstyle is the typical romcom type one, but its rather extremely detailed. This artstyle’s perfect for an anime adaption though I don’t find that happening soon as their are only 16 chapters that too are 8-10 pages long.


Inject this wholesome shit in your veins and allow yourself to fuxxing snort it off a table. You’ll not be disappointed. The only downside this manga has is that it has a very low number of chapters released as of now. Otherwise, GOLDEN.


Storyline : 7/10

Characters : 9/10

Artstyle : 8.5/10

Execution : 8/10

Overall : 8.1/10


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