This review contains SLIGHT SPOILERS from the episode.

Who is Toya Todoroki, and what happened to him? The last episode left us with this question, and now it is up to My Hero Academia S5 Ep18 to answer them. Let’s see if it was able to do so satisfactorily!


THE PLOT : This episode had everything. Drama, action, comedy, and best of all, progress. We could actually see the progress that Izuku, Bakugo, and Shoto have made. It was always going to be a memorable one if only for the Toya secret that had been hanging for a while, it ended up being memorable in a totally different way.

THE CHARACTERS : Not much about Toya was revealed, except for the fact that Natsu thinks Endeavour killed him. A fantastic villain in the ilk of the earlier seasons forces Endeavour to bend to his will, and the three Class 1-A students finally have to step in. Endeavour has gone from being a despicable father to a fan-favourite character, and his arc feels justified.

ART AND MUSIC : From the first season up until now, the music and animation of this show have been top-notch. There was finally a new track that absolutely blew my socks off. It was totally different yet still quite similar to the previous bangers we listened to.


Episode 18 was explicitly constructed to make us haters remember why we started watching this show and why we love it so much. It was the best episode of this season so far. Back in the form?


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