BORUTO EPISODE 208 – Thoughts and Opinions

This review will contain MAJOR SPOILERS  from the episode.

The 208th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just dropped having the title “Momoshiki’s Manifestation“. This episode covers chapter #43 – #44, The Kawaki Arc.

The episode starts with Borushiki absolutely clowning on Boro (as expected). This was totally a one sided massacre. Borushiki takes some Chakra from Naruto, makes a BIG Rasengan and then proceeds to erase the existence of Boro. The animations were fluid af. Artstyle was GOOD and much detailed. Voice acting was decent as usual. Battle OST was a BANGER. Being a manga reader, I was pretty much satisfied with the outcome of this episode.

Everyone gathers around Naruto (in hospital) and discusses about the things happened earlier and the info they have about Kara and their members. Shikamaru (as usual) suspects Kawaki of being a spy and stuff, but Kawaki tells him everything he knows (he kinda hides details about Code). Animation was kinda crisp, but that’s understandable as the main fight is over. Kawak’s voice acting is GOOD as usual. Pretty (kinda) decent adaptation of manga panels.

Sasuke, Sarada and Mitsuki discuss about Borushiki’s formation back there. They guessed that Boruto is a vessel of Momoshiki. Then there’s a little interaction between Kawaki, Boruto, Shikadai and Inojin as they bought Taiyaki for Kawaki as he likes them. He tries the Custard flavoured one and is seriously impressed by it. Their were some wholesome moments which were kinda necessary after such back to back intense battle episodes.

Overall, the episode was pretty GOOD in my opinion. Next 3 episodes are gonna be Anime Onlys, till EP 211. Props to the anime for having consistenly good animated episodes despite being a regular anime (not seasonal).


Episode was a solid 9/10. More character development. GOOD art and animations. Ignored many manga panels (like the Kashin Koji and Amado one)


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