HAIKYUU – Anime Review

This review is 100% SPOILER-FREE.

QUICK SUMMARY : Junior high school pupil Hinata Shoyo, after viewing a nationwide tournament match on Television, develops a surprising love for volleyball. Although short tall, he becomes motivated to follow in the footsteps of the tournament’s star player, nick-named the “Little Giant“, after viewing his plays.

LENGTH : 88 Episodes

GENRE : Comedy, Slice of Life, Shounen, Sports, Drama

To be honest, I was quite hesitant to start-off with it and didn’t expect much. I mean its volleyball, never had the slightest interest in it but for some reason, my instincts told me that I had to watch this anime. I’m glad I went with my instincts because this anime turned out to be a gem.


STORY : The story of Haikyuu is what amazes me the most. Its all volleyball and yet I’m never tired of it despite not being an avid volleyball fan. The best part of the show is how unpredictable and intense the matches are. It keeps you on the edge the whole time. The series does a great job of balancing the serious moments with comedy.

CHARACTERS : The real joy of watching Haikyuu doesn’t come from watching the protagonist doing well or his team doing well, it comes when you get to know the characters. Haikyuu manages to create a bunch of realistic characters that gives the show its flavour and at the same time they are amusing and fun to watch on screen. Here’s my favourites…

ANIMATION : The animation was crisp throughout the show. Production I.G did a great job with this show and proved once again that they are the masters of sports anime. The characters’ movements always appear fluid. The animation does a great job of upping the intensity in certain scenes.


Overall this show is amazing. If I get a chance I would go back and binge watch all the seasons again. The best part is you don’t have to love volleyball to watch this show. If you’re a fan of character development and stylish action you’re in for a treat.


Storyline : 7.5/10

Characters : 8.5/10

Animation : 8.5/10

Voice Acting : 9/10

Soundtrack : 8.5/10

Overall : 8.4/10


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