UZUMAKI – Underrated or Overrated ?

This review might contain SLIGHT SPOILERS.

There are many horror mangas out there that try to make themselves scary. But often we just get a comic that’s probably more gory or disgusting than scary. Today, we’re going to discuss about Junji Ito’s Uzumaki.

QUICK SUMMARY : Uzumaki follows the story of a high-school teenager, her boyfriend, and the citizens of the small, quiet Japanese town of Kurouzu-cho, which is cursed by supernatural events involving spirals.

GENRE : Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Seinen, Psychological, Tragedy


THE PLOT : The story is well written and focuses on something that isn’t really scary to begin with, a simple spiral. But as the story goes along, there is much more to this symbol than what we see. Each chapter presents us a separate story that is completely different than the last, but still connects to the main plot.

THE CHARACTERS : We are instantly given our two main characters right off the bat that both provide two different personalities. There isn’t much of a cast besides these two. Everyone else that has a big part in one of the chapters is pretty much a one time appearance. It’s kinda annoying that you get to know a new character only to never see them again.

THE ART : This story really is scary and what helps it is its sick and creepy style art. These characters are really well drawn and have a small alteration that makes them different from one another. The world itself is well drawn and if you look close enough, you’ll find spirals that aren’t even apart of the story at hand. There’s also a LOT of disturbing scenes in the story, which is freaky.


This story might not appeal to everyone, but a lot of people should at least read the first chapter before making their judgment. This series contains a lot of disturbing images, violence, gore, nudity, language, and intense scenes of horror. If any of this not really your style, especially the disturbing images, AVOID THIS SERIES AT ALL COSTS!


Storyline : 7/10

Characters : 7/10

Artstyle : 8.5/10

Enjoyability : 6.5/10

Execution : 7/10

Overall : 7.2/10


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