This review might contains SLIGHT SPOILERS from the series.

OVERVIEW : Magical Sempai was one of the better anime series of the Summer 2019 season. But unfortunately, the episodes were only 13 minutes long. And I do think this is a series which would have benefited from having full-length episodes as more skits could have been squeezed into each episode.

GENRE : Comedy, Ecchi, School Life, Shounen


THE PLOT : The plot of Magical Sempai is fairly straightforward. There’s a school magic club that doesn’t have enough members to survive, but its crazy club president refuses to let it die. She just wants to perform magic. She doesn’t really care if the magic club is official or not. But, that’s not the only form of “plot” this series has. Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

THE CHARACTERS : There’s a Senpai, who’s terrible at magic and has a stage fright. Then there’s an Assistant-kun who joined because Senpai had no friends. Then there’s Saki-chan, who’s the president of the street performance club, his brother Ma-kun, and the final character Madara-san, the one and only member of the science club. Characters are actually pretty funny and have good chemistry together.

ART AND MUSIC : The art style was amazing in lots of ways. They really made the fan-service shine. Really loved the characters designs and “proportions”. It actually had a really good OP and ED. Both the song and the visuals were lot better than I expected.


Magical Sempai is by no means a GREAT anime, but I don’t see anything it does wrong. It has a decent amount of ecchi for an ecchi series, it’s funny, and it has likable characters. If you like comedy and ecchi series I think this is definitely one to try.


Storyline : 6/10

Characters : 8/10

Artstyle/Sound : 8/10

Enjoyability : 7/10

Execution : 6.5/10

Overall : 7.1/10


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