CHAINSAW MAN Part 1 – My Thoughts and Opinions

This review may contain SLIGHT SPOILERS. Though, I’ll try to make it as short and spoiler-free as possible.

QUICK SUMMARY : There’s a new hero in town and he’s got a bad attitude and a chainsaw dog demon! A dangerous combo.

LENGTH : 97 Chapters

GENRE : Action, Drama, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural


PLOT : Even though there’s A LOT of more sub-plots and themes to go along with the story, I genuinely believe the main theme and message was “Reasons Why You Should NOT Be A Simp”. Literally every girl the MC has met, has tried to murder him sooner or later.

DENJI : No prideful goal, no noble cause, just an incredibly realistic character who feels like an actual person. He literally just wants to live a normal life and eat bread-jam with a girlfriend. His growth come in the end of Part 1 is absolutely incredible.

ANTAGONIST : I literally hate her so much. And for the same reason that I hate her, she’s such an amazing written character. (There’s one more reason 😏). Probably one of the best antagonists in whole of the Animanga.

SIDE CAST : Pretty great and interesting cast we have here. Some are forgettable for their reasons but overall pretty amazing. Here’s my favourites…

WAIFUS : We’ve got a lot of thiccness in here. Yeah, I’m not gonna consider Makima in this category as I’ve already said, I hate her. The ones I’m gonna consider are Power (best girl), Reze, Quanxi and lastly Himeno.

FINAL THOUGHTS : I really didn’t got into the details in this post because of spoilers and stuff but this manga sure was a “helluva ride”. Was it worth reading? Would I recommend it? Yes, 100% but this manga was EXTREMELY DARK FOR A SHOUNEN.


Storyline : 8.5/10

Characters : 9.5/10

Fights : 9/10

Artstyle : 8.5/10

Antagonists : 9.5/10

Overall : 9/10


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