This post contains SLIGHT SPOILERS from the episode.

The wholesome dragon goodness is back with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 3, named “Extracurricular Activities”. I’m here to tell you about all of my thoughts and observations about the latest episode.


THE PLOT : It felt like the writers had to fit in 3 separate plotlines into a single episode that somehow resulted in a somewhat garbled yet still fun episode. I guess this is more due to the prior two episodes being very strictly plot-driven, which can, in no way, be described as a bad thing.

THE CHARACTERS :  After being mostly neglected in the previous episodes, the beloved side characters finally get their moments to shine in this one. It started with a deep dive into Ilulu’s childlike mentality and how she wasn’t really allowed to delve into that part of her character. Then we had the young ‘uns playing a game of monopoly, Tohru making a maid costume for Kobayashi, Tohru trying to find a hobby, and Rika and Kanna’s shenanigans. Rika, Lucoa, and Ilulu all had great showings this episode, with Lucoa being better than in most other appearances.

ART AND MUSIC : Animation was as good as the rest of the series but I have to give special kudos to this episode’s music. The piano number that played in the first half was exquisite. Also, Tohru, in her bid to become an idol, belted out a delightful tune proclaiming her love for Miss Kobayashi. Overall, the music was a major upside to this episode.


This episode was different and somewhat confusing. But nevertheless, it was a very heartwarming and cute episode which focused more on our favourite side characters.


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