This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the chapter.


Yuji and Megumi went to the subterranean fight club to find Hakari and recruit him to the team. Yuji took part in the fight, but Megumi was prohibited from doing so since Hakari was suspicious of him. Yuji now has the opportunity to meet Hakari in person after defeating Panda.


It’s been 10 days since Yuji and his friends met Tengen. Yuji and Megumi now want to recruit Hakari to their team because Hakari, according to Yuta, is stronger than him.

Yuji’s outfit in this chapter is identical to the one worn by his father Jin Itadori in the flashback scene in chapter 143.

The underground fight club is a direct reference to the film Fight Club which was release in the year 1999.

Gege introduced the Megumi extension of the Ten Shadow Technique in this chapter. He may now spread out and hide in his own shadow, exactly like he used to store his weapons.

Kirara Hoshi, a new 3rd year character, is introduced in this chapter. She’s Hakari’s girlfriend, and she helps him operate the fight club.

Kirara Hoshi means “beautiful star”. She has a star in her eye as well. It’s probably that her technique has something to do with it.


It’s been a while since we all read JJK so it sure was really nice. I’m glad Gege sensei is alright.

Gege has put his heart and soul in drawing Yuji in this chapter. Hakari looks like a gangster and I’m sure he’s gonna be a fan-favourite.

I’d give this chapter an 8/10 because it was only the beginning of setting up a minor side storyline. The next chapter will undoubtedly be a 10/10.


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