This post might contain some words/sentences that some people might find gruesome.

I’ve ran out of blog ideas for today, so I’m thinking of telling you guys about an experience of mine from 7 years ago. I know the title is kinda misleading, but trust me it’s nothing related to “anger issues” or stuff like that. So, let’s head straight into my world of 2014.

I was a small kid, though I still am, but yeah I was like 9-10 years old back then. I had a geared bicycle. In my society, it kinda was a flex back in the days. I was also kinda connected to that bicycle as it was gifted to me.

One day, I was riding my bicycle as usual around 6 o’clock in the evening, if I remember correctly. Back then, I used to have no friends in my locality (same as today lmao), so I used to play and do stuff like that alone. This is where the shit goes down.

We had some neighbours that were kinda good friend of ours. They had some guests that day. I was normally riding my bicycle on the road infront of my house, and there was a food vendor. I ignored it and went on taking couple of rounds around my locality (which includes the road infront of my house).

In 5th or 6th round, when I again arrived infront of my house, I saw those guests buying something from the vendor. They were– a little girl like a really “smol kid”, though she was able to walk normally and her mother.

I was just about to cycle my ass pass them but guess what happened, the girl decided to test my bicyle’s breaks and straight up yeeted herself infront of me. Actually, her mum was talking to the vendor guy about something idk and she didn’t had held her kid’s hands or whatever she has to hold to stop that lil mofo from yeeting herself infront of me. Obviously it was so sudden that no matter how hard I break, she was bound to get injured– maybe a little bruise or something not much to worry about.

But instead I guess what happened was– her mouth came in contact with my bicyle’s geared chains and she got her lower lips ripped the shit outta her body. Not exactly ripped out but it perfectly tore and what was next, pile of blood from her face and shit. I gave her the Itachi treatment.

I was dead shocked after realising the situation. I was just tryna enjoy my daily dose of rides and this little shit just ruined my day. Although it wasn’t her mistake tbh, as she was just a little kid. Her mum was probably on some next level smokes leaving her kid like that in a medium-busy road. Atleast her mum knew that it was her mistake and she didn’t lashed out at me and stuff.

It all happened right infront of my house. I grabbed my bicycle and threw that shit inside my house gates, went upstairs, calmly sat infront of my parents as they had their day off. I told them about the mess and my dad replied, “no worries, let me address the matter” and left downstairs. I was removed from the case faster than I could even apologize.

But yeah, I later apologized but they kinda agreed that mistakes were also from their side. My dad paid all the bills and expenses for the kid’s treatment and stuff. The kid probably got a lot of stitches considering the amount impact and blood that got spread. Anyways, things got sorted out slowly.

I still feel bad that in some ways or other, I made a lot of problems for her future self. I still wonder if she got somehow bullied in highschool because of that injury mark. She’s still probably cursing me for ain’t getting any boys. Or maybe she just died, who knows !

I know this incident was nothing “that” special but I still feel what happened was wrong as she got such level of injuries before even she knew how to talk. But now she can say f**k you to my face and I don’t even care lmao.


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