REMAKE OUR LIFE – Episode 3 Review

The 3rd episode of Bokutachi no Remake just dropped and tbh the series is kinda decent with a good amount of potential in future. It is kinda similar to Yoyoiso’s Re:Life.

ABOUT THIS ANIME : Hashiba Kyouya is a 28 year old game developer. With his company going bankrupt, and him losing his job, he returns to his hometown. Looking at the success of creators of his age, he finds himself regretting his life decisions as he lay distressed on his bed. But when he opens his eyes, he finds that he has travelled 10 years back ,to the time before he entered college.

EP 3 REVIEW : The episode started with the screening of shots prepared by the students in groups. Team Kitayama (Mc’s team) came 3rd with Team Kawasegawa as the winner, although the audience was much impressed by Team Kitayama’s idea.

Scene changes with a little bit of interaction between Kyouya and Nanako in a Karaoke. Kyouya suggests that after some practice, she should try uploading her singing videos on the internet. At first she disagrees, then Kyouya suggests uploading on Japan-only social media sites.

This pretty much concludes more than first half of the episode. Till here it was pretty decent, I can see the ships coming in. Voice acting was decent as usual.

Team Kitayama meets their club members and I think we’ve found another waifu of this series. Her name’s Hiyama Yurika. Other members also finish their intros and leave. Now we’re left with Kyouya and Shino.

Shino then proceeds to reveal that she knows that Kyouya knows about her drawing hobby. They then have a little chat about Shino’s past. She thinks that she should give up on art, as that’ll be easier. Kyouya suddenly orders her to stop thinking like this. Her drawings kinda helped him (future him). There were some wholesome moments between them which kinda made the episode’s ending GOOD.

In my opinion, Shino’s probably the best girl in the series so far. As her character is kinda relatable and her voice acting is pretty good. But we know that in the end, MC is gonna be with Kawasegawa as Shino has the “Rejected One” hairstyle. We can kinda see how the ships will go in future.


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