KOBAYASHI SAN’S DRAGON MAID S2 – First Impressions and Thoughts

This review might contain SLIGHT SPOILERS from the episode.

In my previous posts, I stated that I wanna watch Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid but I’ve no free-time. But I guess I can watch an episode a day cause there’s only 3 of them aired as of now. So here’s my first impressions and thoughts.

QUICK SUMMARY : Kobayashi who live in apartment, got Tohru pushed on her to live together as in the past, she have a debt for Kobayashi saving her. An interracial everyday live comedy about hard working office lady living with a dragon girl.

GENRE : Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life


THE PLOT : Episode 1 almost felt like the second part of a two-cour season, which of course, is a compliment. There was a new character introduction like there was every couple of episodes in the original season. We’ll have to wait and see how this tone goes forward in the season. This time, however, it feels different.

CHARACTERS : Episode 1 didn’t feature much about the original characters, apart from the main trio. Kanna is also just as cute as she was in Season 1, probably more. The new character, Ilulu, hasn’t made a great impression in her first appearance. I hope that her character gets better and more defined in future episodes.

ART AND MUSIC : It is Kyoto Animation, so of course, the art and animation of the series are just as good as ever. Maybe even a bit better, with the colours popping out even more in this season. The music didn’t have that much of a presence, although the opening and ending themes sound great so far.


Episode 1 of Season 2 felt just like the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid of old, and I can’t complain about that. Let us all hope that the show maintains this momentum until the end of the season, so all of us can enjoy another great season of this anime.


Storyline : 7.5/10

Characters : 9/10

Animation : 9.5/10





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