JUJUTSU KAISEN CHAPTER 154 – My Predictions and Thoughts

This review might contain SLIGHT SPOILERS.


In chapter 153, we saw Itadori vs Panda, which Itadori won. Later on, Hakari calls Itadori as he wanted to meet him personally. We also saw a new character named Kirara who’s Hakari’s girlfriend.

Chapter 153 left us with a lot of questions. Why was Panda in the fight club, what is Kirara’s cursed technique, what is the new Ten Shadow Technique that Megumi learned and a lot more.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s chapter 154 is set to release on Monday, August 9, 2021. According to some sources, the chapter is called “Infiltration“.


1. MORE OF PANDA AND MEGUMI : There’s a high chance that we could see Panda and Megumi working together to find Hakari. There’s also a possibility that Panda already knows about Hakari’s location. Panda being there in the first place is already kinda suspicious.

2. MEGUMI VS KIRARA : In the last chapter we saw Hakari sending Kirara to receive Itadori. Maybe we can see Kirara vs Megumi sooner than we expected. We can also expect Megumi using his new technique in this battle. I loved Megumi’s growth in the previous arc.

3. KIRARA’S CURSED TECHNIQUE : If Megumi vs Kirara somehow happens, we’re bound to see her cursed technique. We’ll also get to know if she’s a good character or a bad one after this fight. Though, idk if she’s a strong one.


In my opinion, this chapter’s gonna be better than the previous one as we’ll see the story kinda progressing. I’m just excited to see how it goes.


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