This review may contain SLIGHT SPOILERS. This will be easy for MANGA READERS to understand.

Amidst new anime, Chainsaw Man carries an unimaginable amount of hype. The hype is huge for people who have read the manga and also those who have not. While manga readers grin at the glory of the masterpiece, non-manga readers dive with excitement by the very fact that the anime is being developed by MAPPA.

The trailer came out on 27 June 2021 to tease us with random cut scenes, which were enough to leave our senses tingling. Even if the trailer lasted for barely a minute, those were the most heavenly seconds of brutality and ecstasy.


INTRODUCTORY : Probably one of the earliest scenes in the anime will deliver the back story of Denji as a kid. We don’t see the face, but the sharp teeth and the ruffled blonde hair give away his identity. Scene changes to Aki Hayakawa’s apartment. The sink has unwashed dishes as Denji, Aki, and Power eat together. In the next scene, we see a slice of bread with a lot of jam spread on it. Denji was someone who had survived on only bread. Eating bread with jam was a luxury. I love how MAPPA decided to make sure we get a good introduction to the characters at first glance.

MORE CHARACTERS : In the next scene, we see a warm look of Kobeni, Denji, and Power playing in the sea. The scene changes to Himeno, another skilled Devil Hunter. Next to her is Aki smoking cigarettes. The next scene focuses on a graveyard filled with crows. This graveyard makes multiple appearances in the manga. A hand is seen holding a bullet-like structure engulfed in blood, this is a reference for the Gun Devil. A house in the middle of the snow is seen getting destroyed, an incident related to the Gun Devil. An immediate scene change gives us a look at two antagonists, Sawatari and Katana Man. Then we see Denji sleeping in his old house holding Pochita.

SCENE INTENSIFY : Finally, we see Makima. The shot moves closer to her face and stops at her eyes. In the next scene, we see someone pull a sword-like something from their chest, and a huge head of a devil appears on top of a building. The person wielding the weapon is Aki, and the devil in the next scene is the Fox Devil with whom he had previously formed a contract. The following scenes give us a look at Kishibe, Power jumping from above and Denji fighting. Next, we get a glimpse of Denji, Himeno, and Aki running. The trailer also features an intimate scene between Makima and Denji.

CHAINSAW MAN : After a quick staff announcement, we see a completely new scene filled with gore as the music in the background intensifies. We see Denji in his Chainsaw Man form fighting against a bunch of people. The trailer ends with a close-up look into Denji’s devilish form.


From the breakdown of the trailer, we can confirm that the anime will feature atleast The Introduction Arc, Bat Devil Arc, Eternity Devil Arc, and the Katana Man arc. Whether MAPPA plans to go beyond this arc or not is still a mystery but even if they don’t, Chainsaw Man anime will be the treat of Fall 2021.


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