Watching anime can be addictive. It’s common to binge watch 12-20 episodes or sometimes even 30+ episodes in a day. Obviously it’s not healthy, but yeah we can say that it’s clearly common. Anyone who’s new into anime binges entire season or like 20+ episodes everyday for some months or even some years. It’s not something to be ashamed of.


In my previous “Anime Journey” post, I stated that I completed Naruto which is like 720 episodes (though only 430 are watchable cause of fillers) in 15 days or so. Thats still 28-29 episodes a day. Idk how I managed to pull that off. I think that was the time when I was badly struck by Covid. I think that’s how I managed to have so much of free time. Tbh, now when I remember those days, it kinda sucks being so much addicted to something. But yeah, I kinda found it interesting so, can’t be helped.


As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been continuous in the anime community for about 6+ years now. After all these years of finding a new anime and binging it then repeating the same process again and again, I’m no longer able to watch even 3-4 episodes in a day. I’ve tried almost every genre, but still can’t find an anime that will have me spending more than 3 episodes in it. As soon as I watch like 3 episodes, I’m like “I’m done, this is trash”. Same thing happens with Manga, Manhwa etc. as I can’t go on any further in any of them.


I think it happens to everyone, but I’m not quite sure what causes it as the reason is different for everyone. My best guess is that once you’ve watched several hundred series, they start to become more predictable, and thus boring. Once you’ve crossed that “triple digit number”, you can no longer find any new concepts and eventually become tired of it. It’s not like I’ve started hating on anime or stuff like that, I still sometimes watch 1-2 episodes a day having comedic genre, just to chill and relax. But I don’t think I’m ever going into the “binging mode” ever again.

Maybe I should try binging Hentai ! Future hentai reviews… Who knows?


2 thoughts on “WHY CAN’T I WATCH 12-20 EPISODES/DAY ANYMORE – My Thoughts”

  1. I guarantee you’d have an audience for hentai reviews. The more ero-leaning stuff I’ve written about always seems to get the most hits by far, even years later.

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