This review is 100% SPOILER FREE.

Anticipation for Marvel’s Loki has been sky high ever since the show was first announced. It has promised to break our brains with a heavy time-travel plot that might have massive consequences for the MCU multiverse in upcoming entries.

There’s a ton of complex stuff going down in the first episode as he got an opportunity to escape his fate when Tony Stark’s attempt to grab the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame went awry.

Whatever your expectations of Loki might be, the show will exceed them by quite a lot. Hiddleston is on top form here, using every gesture and expression to pull you a little further onto Loki’s side.

Marvel has spent a lot of money to make sure the show doesn’t just rest on the twinkles in Hiddleston and Wilson’s eyes, despite the pair having some formidable onscreen chemistry.

So much work clearly went into world building of this show that it honestly gives me a bit of a headache to think about it too much.

Everywhere you look, there are eye-catching details that will have you hitting the pause button – a stack of files or some standard issue TVA equipment.

The task of keeping the restrained chaos of the timeline ticking along is tedious inside the TVA, but the subtle comedy of its well-oiled bureaucracy is perfect.

Loki and his power-hungry antics are, at best, mildly amusing fodder there as they’ve seen it all. The past, the present, the future. But maybe there’s still a glimmer of hope for the God of Mischief. Maybe not.


The episode was FIRE. One thing I liked was how they made Loki see his past and future events. His reactions were on point. I’m definitely watching it, like it‘s obvious.


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