HINAMATSURI – An Underrated Comedic Gem

This review might contain SLIGHT SPOILERS.

What makes a great comedy anime ? In this review, I’m gonna talk about an anime which I believe is the most balanced and one of the most funniest anime out there– Hinamatsuri. What made Hinamatsuri so great ? We’ll find out.

QUICK SUMMARY : The story of a handsome, stylish yakuza gang member, famously called Nitta, hit by a weird object when he was relaxing in his house. Inside the object, is a girl named Hina. After this Nitta’s life changes completely.

GENRE : Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural


THE PLOT : The story is brilliant and very vell crafted. The show does a nice job at building its own world where the anime perfectly showcases every social group in the city from the middle school students, the Yakuza, to even the homeless people. It has done a great job at tackling the serious topic and themes such as homelessness, humanity, acceptance, family, money and exploring them in full depth as well treating them with respect.

THE CHARACTERS : The show also does a fantastic job of displaying character interaction based on different social groups. Despite being heavily a comedic show, characters here actually gets development. In most comedy anime, once these characters had their spotlight, by the next episode they return to their usual self’s, removing all of the character development in the process. In Hinamatsuri, characters and even the world itself change and evolves as the series goes.

ART AND SOUNDTRACK : Visually, Hinamatsuri is pretty great. They did a great job at sticking with the rough style of its source material with its jagged and textured overlays. I really adored the facial character expressions that series has to offer as it’s more tension to both the comedic and serious situations that go one in the series. The soundtrack is great. The OP is very catchy and perfectly captures the setting and tone of the series. The ED sung by Nitta’s VA was a masterpiece.

THE COMEDY : The comedy is brilliant to the core. The jokes are really funny as they are all timed and are not repetitive. What makes the comedy more brilliant is how the characters react to the comedic situations that go on in this series.


Overall, I adore this anime. If you looking for a slice of life/comedy anime that is very funny and has great character development than I recommend Hinamatsuri. I personally think this anime has the scope to reach broader audiences.


Storyline : 8/10

Characters : 8.5/10

Animation : 9/10

Soundtrack/VA : 8.5/10

Enjoyability : 9/10

Overall : 8.6/10


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