This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the episode. It’s gonna be long.


An anime adaption was announced on April 16, 2021. It was confirmed that the series is going to have 20 episodes (two cour). The opening theme song is “Fightin★Pose” by Yui Ogura. The anime premiered on July 31.

QUICK SUMMARY : Jahy, the feared and respected number-two ruler of the Demon Realm, suddenly finds herself powerless and shrunken in the human world after a magical girl destroys a powerful mana crystal.

GENRE : Action, Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life


THE PLOT : Jahy had a good life. Besides bossing her fellow demons in the Demon Realm, she lived life in luxury. Sadly, a magical girl comes in and ruins her life. Jahy lives in a very small apartment, and doesn’t even have a dedicated bath and must wash herself in a small metal tub. She also works at a bar with low pay using her necklace to transform into her adult form. She can only afford to eat bean sprouts.

THE CHARACTERS : This episode mainly served to introduce the central cast. While working at the bar, she got hungry and lost her adult form in front of her “ara ara” boss. Boss lady wasn’t frightened at all and actually empathized with her plight and helped ease her worry. Then we got introduced to the landlady, who’s actually the boss’ sister. She was here to collect Jahy’s debt and oh boy, she wasn’t going to let her get away. The inter-cast interactions were GOLDEN.

ART AND MUSIC : The opening theme was actually very catchy. Artstyle was pretty funny. It was too accurate to the manga. VA cast is stacked by allstars. Jahy’s voice acting was GOLDEN. Oozora Naomi did a pretty good job. It was exactly how I expected her voice to be. The ending theme was better. Overall I’ve no negatives about music as of now. OP and ED visuals were pretty GOOD.


I’m so happy to see Jahy-sama animated finally. Love the artstyle, the cute fun catchy OP, the voice acting, yeah this is gonna be a great adaption I can feel it. It also has a GREAT meme potential. Looking forward to enjoy this weekly.


Storyline : 7/10

Characters : 9/10

Animation : 8/10

Voice Acting : 9.5/10

Execution : 8/10

Overall : 8.3/10


2 thoughts on “JAHY-SAMA WILL NOT BE DEFEATED – First Impressions”

  1. Never read the manga but I just caught the first episode, and I like it so far. Nothing serious, just a good light comedy. This is what I need right now. I guess we’re also going to meet that magical girl or whoever she was soon in the real world.

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