REMAKE OUR LIFE – Episode 4 Review

This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the episode.

The 4th episode of Bokutachi no Remake just dropped and tbh it was a lot better than the previous ones, obviously not because it was a partial beach episode but also because it focused more on character development.


We finally got to see Kawasegawa, Nanako and Shinoaki in “beach costumes”. Almost all of the viewers were probably waiting for this to happen. Our boy Kyouya was obviously fluttering while talking to them. A typical “anime accident” occurs which results in Kawasegawa slapping the shit outta Tsurayuki. Try to figure out from the pictures.

Scene changes to MC and FMC having some interaction when a Senpai named Tomioka Keiko enters the conversation. Next day was the screening, MC’s team came first even though another team’s acting was better. Nanako questions her teacher about weird rankings to which she replies by saying aspects other than acting also count and concluded by saying they were serious about ACTING. This troubles Nanako.

MC’s team goes to a Karaoke to celebrate their win. They suggest Nanako to sing. Her voice shocks them, and they end up praising her. Kawasegawa grabs the mic and says some harsh but true words regarding Nanako not seriously following her singing, and rather forcing herself in acting. Nanako gets upset and leaves for home.

This is followed by some comedic conversation regarding Annual Art School Festival and we got to see more of our underrated waifu, Yurika. Keiko again suddenly enters the convo and asks Kyouya to work on their game to which he declines by saying he’s not ready now.

Kyouya then visits Nanako, asks if she can talk. He proceeds to play one of her songs which he adjusted just a little. This convinces her. She put her trust in Kyouya and confirms that she’ll improve her singing by practicing hard. Kyouya ensures her that he’ll do whatever he can to help.


Tbh this episode was really a lot better than the previous one. More character interactions and developments, though there wasn’t much interaction between Kyouya and Shinoaki but that’s okay.


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