This episode contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the episode.

The 5th episode of Bokutachi no Remake named “Reveal Your Feelings” just dropped and oh boy, it was hilarious and kinda sad at the same time.


THE PLOT : The School Festival is here and it didn’t disappoint. This episode focused a lot on Nanako’s singing, which was good. Our MC’s team also hosted a maid cafe. Nanako got to sing at the end of the episode infront of a larger crowd and she smashed it. There were a lot of “GOOD” moments between Kyouya and ShinoAki, which will kinda create problems for the future.

THE CHARACTERS : Kyouya was constantly helping out Nanako in some ways or the other. Tsurayuki ain’t having much screen time from past 2-3 episodes. There were some extremely close future changing moments between Kyouya and Shinaoki. In the end of the episode, we saw a “love triangle” kinda scenario, which I don’t know how will work out.

KYOUYA AND SHINOAKI : Finally our ship got some progress. I’m pretty sure ShinoAki is in love with Kyouya, but I can’t elaborate further. She tried to kiss him but got interrupted. She later succeeded in kissing him at the end of the episode to which Kyouya’s reaction was kinda obvious. Nanako saw both of ’em while she was searching for Kyouya to thank him, which…is… just sad.

ART AND MUSIC : The opening was good as usual, nothing much to say about. But this show upped their game with Nanako’s voice in the end. She sang “God Knows” by Haruhi Suzumiya from the anime– The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Overall, it was good.


It was a pretty good episode in my opinion. LOT of interaction between our favourite characters. This anime can either go extreme downside from this episode or it can go extremely up in terms of Slice of Life, let’s see how it goes…


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