This list is made while taking both the anime/manga in consideration.

Attack On Titan

POSITIVES : One of the best plots in all of animanga. Incredible soundtrack and great animation. Eren is an excellent protagonist. Multiple unexpected plot twists.

NEGATIVES : Ending is very predictable. S1 is very weak, as compared to rest of the show. Has some great characters, but rest of the cast is below average.

Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba

POSITIVES : Absolutely incredible animation. Great anime to introduce new watchers. The way the plot is written, is very friendly for all audiences.

NEGATIVES : Main cast is quite annoying. Very dull antagonist. Tries to be funny, but humour is SHIT. The plot is literally the most generic I’ve ever seen.

Jujutsu Kaisen

POSITIVES : Absolutely SICK animation. Fights are fun to watch and intense. Whole cast is enjoyable and well written. Interesting and well done power system. SICK and well written antagonists.

NEGATIVES : Only one season is animated so far (yes, its a pun).

Tokyo Ghoul

POSITIVES : Season 1. Manga.

NEGATIVES : Everything after season 1.

Hope you guys liked the list.


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