This list contains SLIGHT SPOILERS from the episode.

This season’s One-Fanged Waifu is back with The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Episode 2! After a relatively basic first episode, it is time to see if this anime is worth giving a try this season.


THE PLOT : The theme the 2nd episode was Karma, to the extent that I think it should have been the episode’s name. Various of Jahy-Sama’s transgressions in her previous life came to bite her in the ass, quite brutally in fact. Though, all is well that ends well, and this episode certainly does end very well, including a tinge of beautiful irony.

THE CHARACTERS : The episode is titled after Druj, Jahy-sama’s admirer. She and Jahy are polar opposites, and she is head over heels for Jahy and her antics. Jahy-Sama was adorable, dumb, and proud in the same episode. The landlord also played a small yet prominent part in this episode, that almost brought me to tears. It is clear that the best part of this show is the strength of its characters.

ART AND MUSIC : The voice acting was the star of the show again. I’m telling you, once you start recognising a particular Seiyuu’s voice in an anime, the feeling is fantastic. OP and ED was great as always. Great stuff, overall.


There is something profound about the show, and I can’t wait to discover what exactly it is. This episode was funny, emotional, and surprisingly deep. This is definitely a series to watch out for.


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